a?a??daki tutorial avsim de forumlarda ç?km??t?.
"ses mühendisli?i" ne yatk?n sab?rl? bir arkada? deneyebilir ve ba?ar?l? olursa hayat?m?z de?i?ebilir.
a?a??daki örnek southwest havayolu için yap?lm?? ;


But before I explain how I did it, I want to mention that no, I cannot upload nor email the ATC file I have modified for two reasons: 1) copyrights, and 2) it's over 177 MB.
If you want to do this on your own computer, make sure you have lots of time and lots of hard drive space.

The basic steps are as follows:
DragonSoft's Decompiler, well, decompiles the voice pack that came with FS2002. In my FS2002 installation, I have the whole thing installed to the hard drive, including all 10 voices. If your installation is different, the steps I took would probably need to be modified to work for you.

You need to have "Southwest" recorded in the 10 different voices that make up the ATC. Now, I can't imitate any of those 10 voices, particularly the female ones, but we are quite fortunate because the word "southwest" is already recorded for other purposes. (Not necessarily as an airline name, but as a direction.)

As it turns out, in Microsoft's ATC Voicepack SDK, there is one whole set of wav files there for your use, and believe it or not, Microsoft actually recorded "Southwest" for use as an airline. It just wasn't compiled in. So for the one and only voice that came with the SDK, I went ahead and used that sound file (See steps 10 and 11). Then I used the 'directional' "southwest" sound file from the other pilots to finish up all 10 voice sets. (See step 12).

Here's how I did it:

(1) First I downloaded Microsoft's ATCVoicepackSDK.exe from http://zone.msn.com/flightsim/FS02DevDeskSDK00.asp.

(2) Then I downloaded DragonSoft's GVP Voicepack Decompiler from AVSIM: http://ftp.avsim.com/library/esearch...tID=fs2002misc

(3) I then made a new directory on my hard drive: C:\VOICE

(4) I also made a sub-directory: C:\VOICE\OUTPUT

(5) I unZIPed the Voicepack Decompiler into C:\VOICE.

(6) I installed the Microsoft Voice SDK into some other directory, I don't remember which (but it was NOT C:\VOICE).

(7) I copied FS2002\Sound\usenglishbig.gvp into C:\VOICE.

(8) I decompiled the voicepack from the DOS prompt like so:
DecompileGVP usenglishbig.gvp config.xml phrase.txt

(9) When it was finished, I edited the newly created phrase.txt with notepad, adding the following line, and saving the changes as phrase2.txt (preserving the original untouched, for backup purposes):

(The preceding line was placed between the Sobelair and Speedbird "Airline Callsigns" lines. I'm not sure, but I believe that the phrase.txt file is in Unicode text and needs to be saved in Unicode text. I don't know if notepad handles Unicode for all versions of Windows, but it does with Windows XP, which I use.)

(10) I copied the SDK's PilotA\wav\airline153.wav to C:\VOICE\PILOTH\WAV

(11) I renamed C:\VOICE\PILOTH\WAV\airline153.wav to AIRLINE_SOUTHWEST.WAV

(12) In each of the other Pilot folders, I copied SOUTHWEST.WAV to AIRLINE_SOUTHWEST.WAV

This is done 9 times: once in PilotA\Wav folder, once in PilotB\Wav, etc. (Just not in PilotH\Wav, because that one has already been covered)



and so on.

You don't want to copy just one file into the other nine because you'd be using just one voice that will end up getting mixed into the other voices.

(13) I edited the config.xml file that the decompiler produced in C:\VOICE, replacing every occurence of phrase.txt with phrase2.txt. There should be 10 occurences.

(14) I ran VPEdit from Microsoft's Voicepack SDK.

(15) In VPEdit, I went to File/New

(16) For the config file, I entered "C:\Voice\config.xml" (without the quote marks)

(17) For language, I selected usenglishbig

(18) I pushed the GO button

This took quite a while -- probably an hour or so on my machine, and I have an AMD 1900+ with 512 MB RAM and a 7200 RPM HD.

(19) I copied C:\VOICE\OUTPUT\USENGLISHBIG.GVP to FS2002\SOUND, overwriting the existing file because I already have a backup file in C:\VOICE

(20) I edited the "airlines.cfg" file in the FS2002\Aircraft folder, adding "Southwest" to the list.

(21) I edited the "aircraft.cfg" in the FS2002\Aircraft\b737_400 folder

(22) I fired up FS2002, hopped into my Southwest plane, and verified that Soutwest was correcly used by all 10 voices.

I hope that this might help someone else who wants to modify their ATC files.

To add a whole new airline, it would be a bit trickier because you need to have that airline name recorded in the 10 different voices. We lucked out with Southwest, but to do other airlines, you'll probably just have to record your own voice and use it in all 10 different voice sets. That would sound a bit tacky, but I don't really have any other suggestions -- not unless you want to make 10 whole new voice sets with over 9,000 sound files PER VOICE.

Anyway, good luck.

John Taylor
Q: I must have done something wrong. I followed all the steps, but still no southwest. I'm going to retry tonight. Maybe in the phrase.txt I didn't use a tab when I should, so I copied one of the other lines, then replaced the call signs with southwest. I even made sure if the word was all caps it was in that way. Hope this solves it. But everythings the way it should be.
A: Yeah, good point. I did it the same way, but the tabs didn't show up in my post. It looks like a tab-delimited file, so that should do it.