Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Gmax

24-01-2003, 12:38

Biliyorsunuzdur ama ben gene de bilmeyenler olabilir diye avsim forumdan copy-paste yaptim. Gmax scenery'lerde performans için ufak bir ipucu.

This is how I have done it in gMax and I think that's also the way Microsoft describes in MakeMDL_sdk (makeMDL.doc).

First I do the more complex parts, group them and name it bladibla_LOD_100. Then I clone that one and make it simple, or design totally new simple part that shows far away. Then I group the simple part(s) and name it bladibla_LOD_99. That's all. The name (bladibla ) has to be the same, only the number in the end changes, from 0-100. LOD_100 shows near and LOD_99 far away, you can of course tune it with the number as you wish. Have LOD_80 if you want the complex part show earlier etc. read the sdk! I think it works well. There is nothing necessary to do in makeMDL!