Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Landclass Assistant 1.3

16-11-2002, 17:19
"Coming Soon...... Landclass Assistant 1.3"

New features will include:
-Ability to grab lat/lon from FS2002 via FSUIPC. This will allow you to slew around the perimeter of your new city borders, and plot points as you go along without having to copy and paste the lat & lon from FS2002.

-Ability to do global and localized search/replace of landclass textures in landclass .raw. Does your city texture look too bare? No problem, the search/replace lets you experiment, without having to start from scratch.

-Ability to drag mouse and "draw" multiple grid cells

-More accurate placement of texture updates, based on the June .inf file update (included again with this release).

Here's a shot from the coming release, which will of course still be under a freeware license: