Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Emma Field

03-08-2002, 22:10
http://home.quicknet.nl/qn/prive/mma.kok/emma/emma.htm adresinde LAGO'nun yeni paral? scenery'sinin resimleri var. Bir bakin isterseniz, onumuzdeki donemlerde yeni beklentilerin neler olacagini gostermesi acisindan ilginc bir calisma. Bildigim bir iki firma daha benzer bir teknik ile meydanlarin en onemli eksigi olan insan v.s. gibi dinamik/ interaktif objeler kazandiriyor, ve iddiaya gore frame rate de pek dusmuyormus. Gerci daha once de mesela NOVA ile yapilan API'lerde bir interaktiflik kazandirilabiliyordu (mesela NAV1 frekansindan hangar kapisi acma)ama frame oldurmek icin de idela bir suikast aletiydi.

uzun lafin kisasi bu "event yaratma" olayi epey yayginlasacak gibi duruyor <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>.

AVSIM soyle yazmis...

"...Using a new development called IntelliScene, Lago was able to extend the BGL scenery language to make it much more interactive and to have many new functions, many having to do with sound. Now you see cars driving along with sound attached to the moving object, just like sound is attached to AI aircraft. Talking of AI aircraft, the traffic is much more fun and does fly real patterns and circuits. Emma Field is a small but very busy airport and this product simulates not only the airport but above all the life on the airport. From birds to the cook who does a barbeque at weekends, from Fritz who opens the gate to the glider pilots who unpack and assemble their gliders before being winched up...."

LAGO da soyle demis,

"...To enhance the feeling of the actual ‘living’ field there are many sound effects that play, depending on location, event and time. You’ll hear the birds in the woods, the laughter of people drinking beer at the barbeque, the sounds of Fritz working in the hangar, and much more. If you land on the Lake Cushman, you’ll find a floatplane jetty maintained by Emma Field FBO), you’ll hear the waves and the frogs."

Hakan "bb" Ünal